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xxxChinEsE FrEE pron

看到fxxx,我就想起了中国人说一个人“很牛X” 所以,应该不是什么好单词,极有可能是FUCK。


Please kindly noted that today we have sent out the samples to your China office by 顺丰:xxxxxx

FORM E上不显示运输路线,只显示目的港和起运港还有开船日期和船名航次,不影响客户清关!

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貌似······china_net没密码的,你曾的那个是别人家的,信号主人邪恶的把名字改成了【china_netxxx】,我以前也干过这种事,这种情况你只有3个选择 1···破解密码(需要技术的) 2···向主人问密码(估计主人会扁你) 3···换一个wifi(要是我,就这...

chinese porn movie 中国色情电影 很高兴为你解答! 如有不懂,请追问。 谢谢!

my name is xxx,i am 12 year old 。i come from china 。i am student in Class 1,Grade 6。

I'm go ing to USA to teach Chinese.First I think there is a big problem you should conquer--Time Zone Difference.America is the No.1 country in the world, which makes me to visit it. I like Seatlle,which is very close to China,...



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